When entering 2017

Distinguished Board of Directors and Gülsan Family of Consumers,

We live in days when there are fluctuations in global markets and some uncertainties. We hope that these ambiguities will be met with confidence and stability in the middle of the country.

Innovative and pioneering power of the food sector As Gülsan Family, we see that we successfully closed the year in the table of 2016 despite this challenging process.

We owe it to the confidence we have in our employees at this moment, to our innovative approach, to our strong R & D team and to the confidence that our esteemed customers have in us.

We believe that at the beginning of the developments that will provide and improve the sustainability of an enterprise are R & D and Innovation. For this reason, in 2016, when we were living in the last days, we accelerated our R & D studies and put our signature under many successful works. By expanding our product range, we expanded the areas we addressed and further improved our continuing products for you, bringing you closer to your taste buds.

In addition to R & D, if you give the necessary value to innovation, you can be the one who produces not the demands but the supply. Through innovation we will continue to be one of the leading companies in the food industry, trying to create new perspectives, technological integration, perceptual selectivity.

I and my brothers and sisters continue to be the second generation of Gülsan family, founded by Hacı Osman Güldüoğlu, who is a very valuable father and honorary president of our company in 1948. We believe that the third generation of adaptation and orientation we have transferred our sectoral know-how and accumulated know-how, combined with the resolute and dynamic nature of the third generation, solution oriented approach, fast decision making and initiative skills, powerful communication channels and the experiences of the second generation. We believe that we will walk the future confidently these days we left 68 years behind and will sign a bigger success in the coming days.

I would like to thank everyone who added value to Gülsan Family, our colleagues, our customers, all our strategic business partners and our dealers and most importantly our valuable customers.

Best regards,

Ali Rıza Güldüoğlu

Gülsan San. Tic. Inc

Chairman of the Board