We are a big family together.
For 70 years…


In 1948, with the initiative of Hacı Osman Güldüoğlu, Gülsan Gıda started to produce confectionery in Kayseri and took its place in the food industry by transferring its knowledge and post-experience activities to its modern facilities in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1985.


With Hacı Osman Güldüoğlu initiative we made a start to the food sector with confectionery production in Kayseri.


We moved to our modern facilities in Kayseri Organized Industry Zone and got our leading place in the food industry.


We continue to be guests in your meals all over the world with our hundreds of products.

Our Mission

To increase customer satisfaction with continuous quality understanding.

Our Vision

Grow by expanding investment areas.


Hacı Osman Güldüoğlu

Honorary President

“Do not just identify success with making money. Look for pleasure from your work, success will come by itself.”



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